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Celebrity Brand Shoutouts

1000+ brands • 850 mn+ reach

What We Offer

Home Shot Recorded Video

Make affordable brand advertisements in India. Create your Ad with industry leading celebrities on Colatch

Recorded Video

Recorded Video with Posting

Brand Ambassador

We help you onboard a celebrity face as a brand ambassador, which would level up your marketing and improve your positioning


E-Invites/Corporate Shoutout

Get Corporate wishes for employee or client recognition & E-invites for special occasions or celebrations from your favourite and leading celebrities



Corporate events need not be boring anymore! Get one of Colatch’s 12000+ celebrities to be a part of your corporate events and meetings. Surprise your guests with the leading industry experts


How does Colatch for Business Work?

Talent Selection

Colatch for business helps you choose from over 12000+ celebrities and curate the best set of industry leading celebrities based on your budget, preferred reach, industry, etc.


Creation of a communication channel between you, the Celebrity and Colatch. Our dedicated team provides ideas and brand specific script options through the communication channel


Coordination with the celebrities for shoot dates, costume, brand PR packages, etc. based on the brands requirements. The video is then shot based on the service selected by you


We then edit the brand recorded videos with utmost care to better the colour and audio. The inclusion of logos are then made to the video as per brand's requests


The final high resolution video is then delivered. Incase of brand recorded video with posting, our team will get the video posted on the celebrity’s social media profile

Dedicated Brand Rep

A dedicated brand representative is assigned to guide you through the entire process, right from ideation to the delivery of your video

Talent Recommendations

Our dedicated brand representative will help you choose from over 12000+ celebrities and will help you curate a personalised list that suits your needs

Script Writing

Based on the ideation session with you our script writers will churn out ideal script options

Video Editing

The raw content given by the celebrity is colour corrected and is made noise free to drastically improve the video quality

Brand Logo Watermark

We will help you add your company’s logo on the final video to help you increase your recall amongst customers

Cross Platform Usage

Covers brand’s rights from the standpoint of where the content can be used (website, social media, video sharing applications, TV, print, etc.)

Free Legal Coverage

We ensure documentation in the form of agreement creation to ensure celebrities and the brand are aware of their coverage rights

Renewal Plans

We offer renewal plans to extend your usage rights for the content created using Tring’s services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Colatch provide?

Colatch specializes in brand management across Sports, Entertainment, Music, and Gaming. We connect brands with top-tier talents, curate events, and craft unforgettable brand experiences.

How can I collaborate with Colatch?

It's simple! Reach out through our contact page, and our team will guide you through the collaborative process, understanding your goals and tailoring a strategy that suits your brand.

Who are the talents associated with Colatch?

Our roster boasts A-listers from various industries, including renowned athletes, entertainers, musicians, and gamers. Check our Talents page for a glimpse into the stars we collaborate with.

What sets Colatch apart from other agencies?

Colatch is more than an agency; we're creators of experiences. Our visionary approach, coupled with a decade of expertise, ensures your brand stands out in a crowded market.

Can Colatch manage events for my brand?

Absolutely! From conceptualization to execution, our event management expertise ensures seamless, memorable experiences that align with your brand's identity.

How does Colatch ensure brand compatibility with talents?

Our brand management team works closely with you to understand your values and goals. We then match you with talents whose personal brand aligns seamlessly with yours.

What industries does Colatch primarily focus on?

Colatch specializes in Sports, Entertainment, Music, and Gaming, providing a comprehensive platform for brands looking to make an impact in these dynamic sectors.

How long has Colatch been in the industry?

Colatch has been a trailblazer for over a decade, pioneering innovative collaborations and setting new standards in brand management and experiential marketing.

Can Colatch work with emerging brands?

Absolutely! We believe in the power of every brand, big or small. Colatch tailors strategies to suit the unique needs and aspirations of emerging brands, fostering growth and recognition.

How do I stay updated on Colatch's latest collaborations and events?

Follow us on our social media channels, and subscribe to our newsletter for real-time updates on exciting collaborations, events, and industry insights.

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